About The Parent Project

Our Mission Statement

The Parent Project's mission is to support and empower single parents through writing and speaking, helping them to build multiple

streams of income, and getting them back on their feet. We provide a safe space for single parents to share their stories and

connect with others who have been in similar situations. We offer education and resources to help our participants create the

lives they want for themselves and their families.

Meet Our Founder

Hi! My name is Dr. Jillian Zambon and my story is really the same as any single parent you'll meet, we just all have our own flavor of trials and tribulations.

After abruptly finding myself a single mom in 2014, I set out on a mission to make more money than I ever had, and be more successful than I had ever been.

I refused the idea that my daughter and I were going to go without, just because we had a 1-parent household.

After 8 years of climbing the corporate ladder, including earning a doctorate degree while juggling a toddler, caring for a new home, and working a full time job-- I decided it was time to turn my pain into purpose.

I created The Parent Project as a place for single parents to come and learn how others have been successful, and most importantly, how to earn time and financial freedom.

I hope you find at least one thing that helps you here!

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