The Parent Project: Speaking Opportunities

Are you a single parent who has overcome trials and tribulations of single parenting? If so, we want to hear from you! Our

speakers bureau is looking for courageous single parents who are willing to share their stories with the world. Our speakers are a

collection of inspiring individuals who have persevered through some of the toughest challenges imaginable. They are living proof

that anything is possible, and they are eager to share their experiences with others. If you would like to become a part of our

speaker bureau, please apply below We would love to hear from you!

Dr. Jillian Zambon


Dr. Jill Zambon is a reality TV star, single mompreneur, author, speaker, and real estate investor. She served 5 years in the U.S. Navy as an engineer and 12 years in corporate I.T. healthcare. In 2020, Dr. Zambon founded her own business but realized she was still trading time for money. So, to spend more time with her daughter, she learned the secrets behind flipping houses and real estate income. But it wasn’t always easy. After discovering infidelity, Jill split with her fiancé just two weeks before the wedding and found herself sleeping on a futon at her dad’s house with her new baby. Experiences like this drove her to uncover her hidden process to gain back time and extra income – even while you sleep. She now teaches the system to single moms who want an easy way to passive income so they can free up time and ease financial worry.

Kati Hudson

TOPICS: Self-care/ nutrition, holistic lifestyle, exercise

Kati Hudson began her journey as a single mom in 2018. She works full time in administration at an ivy league institution in New Hampshire. Establishing For Your Nutrition, LLC in 2022, she is an NASM certified nutrition coach and a youth exercise specialist. Kati’s coaching style is geared toward the whole self, partnering with clients to reestablish a positive relationship with food and movement, creating sustainable healthy habits that leave them feeling well from the inside out without rigid restrictions. The programs are geared toward creating a strong nutritional foundation through exploration and education of how inflammatory foods impact the mind while having fun at the same time. In her free time, Kati enjoys reading, playing sports with her kids, hiking, and spending quality time with friends and family. She resides in Vermont with her two children, her partner Neil, and their two dogs, a Newfoundland and a chug.

Samantha Gregory

TOPICS: Financial education, Abundance mindset, Forgiveness and serenity

Samantha Gregory is a 12-time author and owns and operates two podcasts. Her expertise is in financial literacy and you can check out her podcast, Rich Single Momma. Samantha is also a master of positivity, abundance mindset, and overall peace of mind.

Jessy Pearson-Cheney

TOPICS: Shame, embarrassment, judgment of others


Sarah Miller



Sara Schreiner


Sara is a single mom by choice. In 2019, she adopted two beautiful babies and hasn't looked back since.

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